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Everybody and their uncle does website design and SEO. Or so you would think!  The truth of the matter is that a website does no good to your business if it's not doing three things.

  • Driving Traffic from the search engines and other sources to your website
  • Portrays a specific and direct message pulling at the heart-strings of the visitor to you business website.
  • Converts a website visit into a lead and finally a sale.

If you're not getting these three things out of your website then let 724 Internet Solutions of Santa Barbara County work with you to help you increase your sales for you Santa Barbara County Small business with our website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Your website is an asset to your Santa Barbara County small business. It is a tool for your revenue growth and success. It's not a cost or liability. If it's not converting website traffic into leads and sales then it's costing you tons of money. Proper website design and search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for your business to grow.

Web Design for Santa Barbara County small businessesIf you own a business, lead generation is essential for your growth and success. It should also be the mission of your website to convert traffic into leads and leads into sales. Websites that generate revenue are assets. Websites that cost you money are liabilities. Make sure your Santa Barbara County business website is working for you as an asset. Make sure that the Internet Marketing Company makes this the 1st goal.  At 724 Internet Solutions we take this mission very seriously.

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Our web designs are not just an attempt to put a “pretty face” on your online presence. Glitz and images and sliders and flashy things look great but they do not convert traffic. These flashy things actually get in the way of your message and often times visitors will just click off your website and go elsewhere if they can't find what they are looking for right away. You have about 2 seconds to grab a visitors attention when they arrive on your website. Yes, our designs are attractive, but our primary focus is to make sure they are built specifically to make a high percentage of visitors to your website become actual lead. Leads, not visitors, become customers and are what make your business grow. When a visitor actually becomes a lead, it is considered a “conversion”. If a website has thousands of visitors, but cant “convert those” visitors to leads, a business will miss out on many revenue building opportunities. Our sites are built to convert. As your leads increase, so will your sales and revenues.

Two keys to a successful web design project:


  1. The website has to be designed and coded properly so that google and other search engines will rank it high and target customers that are looking for your service or product. Let us explain with an example through a short training session. Pickup your cell phone right now. Go ahead. Let us show you. Open Google and type something related to your business. Example: "Santa Barbara Lawyer" or whatever your business does. Is your business listed in the organic search results? If not then we have a problem. 724 is here to help you with that problem.
  2. The website has to be layed out properly to maximize conversion percentage of visitors to your website into leads. It's not enough to just be listed. If someone sees your link in the search results, are they clicking the link? And if they click the link, are they staying on the page and buying your services or are they clicking away in 2 seconds? I am sure you can understand what we mean now. right? Month after month and year after year we want these leads to increase. Let us explain again with an example. Pickup your cell phone again. Open google and imagine for a moment you need a plumber to fix a plumbing problem at your office. Type for example "Santa Barbara Plumbers". Click a few of those plumber links. But which one are you going to click first? What is grabbing your attention? The answer is that the one you click first is the one that tells most about your problem. Now click a couple of those links. View their sites. Did you find what you are looking for right away or did you click off the website?  You see, you have to capture your visitors and make them click your link, and then after that your site has to convert that click to a sale. 724's web design and Internet Marketing services position your business to convert search listings to the top, entices searchers to click your link instead of your competitors link and encourages website visitors to buy your products and services.
website design and search engine optimization (SEO) for Santa Barbara County small businesses


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