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Sales Automation and Internet Marketing for Santa Barbara County small businesses can explode your sales. Our business essential, Sales Automation, “Do It For You” packages are crucial to your Santa Barbara County businesses success. If you don’t do thing’s correctly with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed in todays world, your business will struggle. And nobody wants that do they?

Our Advanced Packages Include Everything in the Business Basic “Do It For You” package but go one step further  with Full Service “Digital Marketing Services”. We specialize in promoting service type businesses for your optimal audiance to get you 2 to 5x more clients.

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So What Is Sales Automation And How Does It Work?

Sales Automation and Internet Marketing For Santa Barbara County small businesses.Quite simply, it is a set of tools and applications 724 now provides and “Implements For You” that optimizes everything you may already be doing with your business and web site and advertising to make it 500% more efficient! Watch our video at the top right of your screen where I go into detail and we'll even tell you how to do it yourself for Free!

We have several packages available. These listed below are general and fit many business models, but we also know that all businesses are different and that no one package is sufficient for everyone. For that reason, we customize all packages based on business needs.
Now do not just dismiss your website from our package. Please know that most websites are not optimized for proper conversion. More than likely you may need a new website or at the very least it will need to be edited to convert sales well.

Basic Essential Package
  • WordPress website – Up to 10 pages of a “properly configured website optimized for SEO, search engine placement. (additional pages available for a small fee) – Do Not dismiss your website. Did you know Google ranks you higher by using WordPress?
  • SharePoint Foundation Website – Used for collaboration and document management.
  • CRM – Every business will benefit with a good CRM. You can’t effectively keep track of sales and automate the process without it. It is an essential element for all successfull businesses.
    Mailing list server with automation – Manage lists, and send news letters and more.
  • Social Media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube – We build these out for you if you don’t already have them, and if you do have them we will optimize them for you.
  • Quarterly promotional video. We will create a quarterly promotional video for you.  This is essential to keep your data fresh for optimum sales conversion. Just tell us what your message is and we do it.
  • Mailing List – Now a mailing list is “The #1 Most Important” piece of your business. The reason? Clients who are your customers already or clients who have opted into your mailing list and see your promotions are 50% more likely to buy again. We build this out for you and automate it. If you already have a mailing list then we will optimize it.
  • Monthly news letter. A must to convert sales. Did you know it takes an average of 9 times seeing something before the average human being acts on it? Provide the content and your monthly message and we send it to your list for you automatically.
  • Complete SEO Services – No business can effectively operate without effective SEO. Now SEO is not what it used to be. It’s much more than just getting listed on Google. We optimize every aspect of your marketing material to get the highest sales conversion possible.
  • Integration – We integrate everything together for you so it flows smoothly and converts sales into Money!
Package 2 – Business Basic with Shopping Cart
  • Includes everything in Package 1 plus..
  • A full featured shopping cart utilizing either ShopSite or Shopify.
  • We will build the template and configure it all for you. You just manage the products.
Package 3 – Business Ultimate Package with Digital Marketing
  • Includes everything in Package 1 plus..
  • A Full Digital Marketing Package – We build it all for you. You concentrate on your business.
  • We get you results so your business grows.
  • Your results will pay the monthly fee 5X over. Guaranteed!
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If you want your Santa Barbara County business to grow by 200 to 500% in 60 to 180 days then you are on the right page. We will setup a sales automation process for you, do the proper web design, SEO, digital marketing and more all to drive traffic to your business website to generate leads for you. All of this results in increased sales and revenue for you the business owner. You can't afford not to talks to us. Contact us today.